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Matt Urmy is a former touring musician, now turned tech entrepreneur. When Matt was a touring artist he often had trouble organizing his contacts, managing finances and keeping track of gigs while on the road. Sound familiar to anyone?

Anyhow, Matt actually did something about it and created a cool new web based app and company called “Artist Growth”.

Artist Growth is a great web based app that helps musicians and managers streamline the touring process. It’s designed to help you sort your finances, merchandise, royalties and much more, all in one place that’s always available online. And it’s also a great discovery tool where record company A&R reps can also potentially find your stuff as well!

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There aren’t too many people with the credentials of my guest today, Mr. John P Kellogg. John is the Assistant Chair of the Music Business/Management department at the highly acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. He’s also the former vocalist of the American soul funk group Cameo, and a music business attorney.

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My guest today is a cool guy named Karl Sanders, who is the founding member of the American Ancient Egyptian themed, technical death metal band Nile. I’ve met Karl a number of times now whilst he’s been here in Australia and he is making a full time living as a death metal guitarist. He’s been doing that for many many years, so as usual I thought I’d pick his brain about the music business facts and see what he had to share.

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Today I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with Maynard James Keenan who is probably best known for his work with his bands Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer. For those of you who don’t know Maynard is also a fully-fledged entrepreneur as well with a number of cool business ventures going on. He got a vineyard & winery as well as interests in Caduceus Cellars, an LA restaurant, Cobras Matadors, and owns an organic produce market. Plus he’s an excellent musician. And he kicks butt in Brazilian jujitsu. Quite the achiever!

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Today I’ve got another great guest on the show- And today it’s International licensing expert Aaron Davison, and I thought I’d make this episode of Music Business facts a bit of a focus on music licensing. Music licensing is not only a powerful promotional tool for your music but can potentially be really lucrative in terms of making some good bucks.

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In this episode of Music Business Facts, Tom and Rodney really just shoot the breeze about the music business, podcasting, and a whole heap of other cool stuff! Tom Sabella is all the way over in Nashville, Tennessee and runs a podcast called “The Business Side OF Music” And you can check his stuff out over at


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Mike Portnoy is an extremely technically proficient drummer primarily known as the skin hitter for the prog metal act Dream Theatre. He is the second youngest person (after Neil Peart) to be inducted into the Modern Drummer's Hall of Fame (at 37 years of age). Mike has also played in numerous other musical projects including his latest project Metal Allegiance, collaborative super group with David Ellefson from Megadeth and Alex Skolnick from Testament.

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Eric Grothe Jnr is a former Australian Rugby League player who played the game for fourteen seasons at the highest level including spots on both the Australian Rep side and the New South Wales State of Origin side.

Post his football career Eric Grothe Jnr has now established himself as one of the leading authorities on the social media platform Instagram.

This episode of Music Business Facts grills Eric for his top tips and strategies when using Instagram for business.

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Zakk Wylde is an American guitarist, songwriter and entrepreneur who first rose to prominence as the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. He later went on to found the successful rock-metal band Black Label Society, as well as a number of successful business ventures.

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This is part two of my interview with super cool Eclipse record label founder and and President Mr Chris Poland. And on Eclipse you find such cool bands like A Breach of Silence, Mushroomhead, Our Last Enemy to name a few.

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