Music Business Facts- with Rodney Holder

Yngwie Malmsteen has been blowing minds across the globe with his incredible guitar skills and showmanship for over 35 years.

In this episode of Music Business Facts - Yngwie speaks with Rodney Holder about the "business" of being the "shredder's shedder", and sustaining such an awesome career for so many years.

A great insight into the business of one of the world's greatest and most influential guitarists.


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In today's episode of Music business Facts I am lucky enough to briefly speak with legendary and influential guitarist Ace Frehley- The original (and best) space man from rock Gods KISS.

This is obviously an interesting episode of MBF because Ace doesn't care too much to talk about music business or money- preferring to outsource that stuff to his lawyers and personal assistances. 

Nonetheless it's still a super exciting episode where we discuss things like royalties, trademarks, merchandise, relationships with Gene and Paul and more. Enjoy

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Jon Coghill was the rock solid drummer for very successful Australian rock band Powderfinger.

In this interview with Rodney Holder from Music Business Facts Jon discusses the inner business workings of the very successful rock band.

Much is discussed including earnings the band made, management, touring, image and much more. Enjoy!

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In this interview Bill talks about his career as a professional full time musician making a living playing extreme heavy metal. 

He also discusses how the band is self managed by bass player Jeff Walker. And how money is his secondary motivation to his overwhelming urge to play music.

A nicer guy you couldn't meet and a legend of the extreme music movement!

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