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My guest today is Martine Cotton who is the founder and director of music industry professional development resource/community website:, A site that contains free, weekly how-to articles and premium course video interviews with successful working music industry figures, all explaining best contemporary practice. MIIO seeks to deliver authentic, real world music industry training and mentoring for the Australian music industry - not just musicians but their teams: managers, publicists, labels, event managers and much more.

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Def Leppard are an English rock act who have sold 100 million records.

They've been awarded the prestigious Record Industry Association of America "Diamond Record Sales Certification" twice. Including (2 X separate records selling over $10 million records each). 

Guitarist Phil Collen has achieved everything that any young kid who has ever played a band has ever dreamed of!

Here are The Music Business Facts according to Phil Collen.


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Burton C. Bell is a veteran of the music business and in this episode of Music Business Facts he shares a plethora of stories on the music business. He is the vocalist for American heavy music act Fear Factory. Burton is attributed to first successfully mixing "clean" vocals into the style of death metal. A great insight on what to do and what not to do in the music business.

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In today’s episode I’m absolutely stoked to be bringing you my interview with legendary metal guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Max Cavelera.

Max and his ex band  Sepultura where a huge influence on me personally and my band Alchemist back in the day.

Max’s story is a really interesting one because Sepultura were once well on the way to becoming one of the biggest metal bands on the planet. Just at the peak of their career- the band split with Max due to the fact that they were going to sack their manager who also happened to be Max’s wife.

Max has gone on to become involved in numerous exciting heavy music projects including Nailbomb, Soulfly, Cavelera Conspiracy, and Killer Be Killed.

Anyhow I really love this interview as Max goes into some of the huge music business mistakes he’s made in his career like simply being naïve regarding contracts, not knowing the intricacies of understanding name and brand protection, getting ripped off and a whole lot more. 

He also has a dig at The current line up of Sepultura who are still performing and touring under the Monicker that Max and his brother Igor started all those years ago.

Anyhow lots of music business lessons in this one. Hope you enjoy the episode.

Let me know on And share the link around with all your metal buddies if you think they may enjoy the episode.

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Welcome to Music Business Facts – The podcast where Rodney Holder talks to successful music industry professionals and debates the facts about the music industry.

Today's guest is Mr. Dani Filth- Lead vocalist for the very successful and often controversial gothic horror vampire black- metal band- Cradle of Filth.

In this conversation Danny shares his views and opinions on the music biz as well as some great take away advice on how to get the attention from big industry players.


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On July 14 2015 Rodney Holder spoke with successful artist manager Gregg Donovan during a live webinar Titled "How To Successfully Self-Manage Your Music Career & Thrive In The Music Business".

This is a replay of that presentation including a live Q&A session with Gregg after the presentation.

At the end of the presentation Rodney and Gregg invited attendees to join their mentorship and education program. An online course titled "The Art Of Artist Management".

This is an 8 week online step by step guide to artist management and artist self management. Including Q&A with Gregg.

If you are interested in the course you can register at or contact

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Dan Biddle is a successful artist manager who formed TCO Artists (Taking Care Of Artists) in January2014 to handle Management for The McClymonts & The Adam Eckersley Band. 

He had previously held various marketing, promo &sales roles at Sony Music, Universal Music &BMG since 1998. 

Dan is also a member of theAmericana Association Australian Advisory Board.

A great interview about breaking into management and implementing management strategies.

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Legendary Pantera drummer and producer Vinnie Paul speaks with Rodney Holder of Music Business Facts about the state of the music industry, investing in strip clubs, and other entrepreneurial business ventures. 

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Behemoth are an extreme metal act from Poland. They are excellent musicians with a very strong visual presentation and image. Their music, videos, artwork, live performances are all very nihilistic and horrific- Stuff the metal kids really love. 

I was absolutely stoked to secure this interview with band leader and main man  "Nergal" because this guy is not only a modern extreme metal cult figure, but also a fully fledged entrepreneur with his fingers in numerous and various business ventures.

Apart from exploiting the standard music income streams like shows, touring, physical & digital music sales and merchandise (which Behemoth do exceptionally well), Nergal is also an accomplished entrepreneur with numerous other businesses outside of his band including a bar/night club and two barber shops, plus overseeing licensing ventures with beer brewers and a whole lot more.

Adam "Nergal" Darski is Black Metal's Behemoth Entrepreneur.


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Corinna Essa is the CEO of Social Media Worldwide, a company who not only specialises in social media but also operates a boutique social media service who can "be your voice". Her company can effectively organise and run your social media accounts & campaigns.

In this episode of Music Business Facts we discuss:

General marketing tips,

Social media marketing techniques to build your audience,

Mistakes bands make when using social media,

Strategies to make money from the internet including how to make money using twitter,

Affiliate marketing

And a whole lot more!


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