Music Business Facts- with Rodney Holder

Zakk Wylde is an American guitarist, songwriter and entrepreneur who first rose to prominence as the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. He later went on to found the successful rock-metal band Black Label Society, as well as a number of successful business ventures.

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This is part two of my interview with super cool Eclipse record label founder and and President Mr Chris Poland. And on Eclipse you find such cool bands like A Breach of Silence, Mushroomhead, Our Last Enemy to name a few.

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Chris Poland is the founder and president of Indie American Record label “Eclipse Records”. Chris believes that a record company should try to work on making each album "hit material", instead of merely putting out as many albums as possible to gain recognition.

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Dave Lombardo is a powerhouse drumming pioneer who literally changed the face of heavy metal music. His attack, speed, aggression and ingenuity on the double bass drums contributed to help make his old band Slayer, one of the most influential metal bands ever.

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My guests are Camille Cannings & Katie Jane Zahra. Camille and Katie are the co-founders of a Brisbane-based artist management company called ‘Sidekick’ Management. I recently caught up with Camille and Katie at The Bigsound Music Industry conference and showcase last month here in Brisbane Australia.

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Tim Price is an independent Music professional who runs a few companies including a management business - Pricewar Music, as well as a PR business Collision Course. And he does a whole lot more, Tim has been a drummer, a stage manager, artist liaison, graphic designer and much more. And Tim’s currently getting some great results. He’s really helping some hot new up and coming artists and he makes a full time living doing this from his music businesses, and that’s what this entire podcast is all about- uncovering the Music Business Facts.

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My interview today was conducted at the recent BigSound conference and is with a great guy called Adrian Kelly. And Adrian runs an independent artist management company called NMA Management. So obviously I wanted to hear his take on how it all goes down in this crazy business.

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