Music Business Facts- with Rodney Holder

Legendary Pantera drummer and producer Vinnie Paul speaks with Rodney Holder of Music Business Facts about the state of the music industry, investing in strip clubs, and other entrepreneurial business ventures. 

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Behemoth are an extreme metal act from Poland. They are excellent musicians with a very strong visual presentation and image. Their music, videos, artwork, live performances are all very nihilistic and horrific- Stuff the metal kids really love. 

I was absolutely stoked to secure this interview with band leader and main man  "Nergal" because this guy is not only a modern extreme metal cult figure, but also a fully fledged entrepreneur with his fingers in numerous and various business ventures.

Apart from exploiting the standard music income streams like shows, touring, physical & digital music sales and merchandise (which Behemoth do exceptionally well), Nergal is also an accomplished entrepreneur with numerous other businesses outside of his band including a bar/night club and two barber shops, plus overseeing licensing ventures with beer brewers and a whole lot more.

Adam "Nergal" Darski is Black Metal's Behemoth Entrepreneur.


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