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Maya Janeska is the General Manager of UNFD - one of Australia’s leading heavy music brands – focusing on releasing and developing Rock, Metal, Punk and Hardcore music from around the world. She’s also one of the only woman to be the head of a record label in Australia.

She’s got a ton of industry experience, is an extremely smart music business woman, and as she told me prior to our conversation, she practices Krav Maga so you wouldn’t want to mess with her!

Anyhow a few weeks back I was lucky enough to catch up with Maya at the BigSound Music Conference where I was able to ask her a ton of questions about the industry, her opinions, and about the ins and outs of running a successful record label.

I really enjoyed meeting and talking with Maya and I hope you’ll agree that my conversation with her exposes a ton of music business gold nuggets. In fact if you’re interested I’ve created a free PDF of Maya Janeska’s Top 8 Music Business Tips and Strategies. And you can get hold of that report on Maya’s show notes page at

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You know, one of the many things that I absolutely love about podcasting as a medium is it’s ability, not only to network and connect with people on what is often a much deeper level, but also during that connection, the podcast format allows my guests to really dive deeper into their wealth of experiences, opinions, wisdom and knowledge. That’s what this podcast is all about people! To enable in-depth practical learning, for both myself and for you, and to get educated about the music business from some of the smartest minds and heaviest hitters in the industry.

I think today’s episode of Music Business Facts really highlights all of that with my interview with Matt Rogers- The Chief Operating Officer From The UNIFIED Music Group.

Now, if you’ve never heard of Matt, as I mentioned he’s The COO of UNIFIED. I found Matt to be a really cool guy, a really smart guy, (he’s also a music lawyer), humble and welcoming. In this conversation he digs deep into some really interesting and important topics, including the importance of protecting the value of copyright and getting legislators on side to protect the industry.


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My guest today is Mr Eddie Meehan, and people what a great and interesting guest Eddie was.

Eddie runs a company called Wonderful Union who are a multi-tiered agency that handle VIP ticketing initiatives, fan clubs, exclusive meet-and-greets and many more cool fan engagement ideas for some of the biggest names in music. We’re talking about The Taylor Swift’s, The Justin Bieber’s, The Back Street Boys & The Drake’s of this world, just to name a few.

Wonderful Union is not only working with these titans of the industry, they’re also always looking for new artists on the rise. So check out Eddie’s company at

Now as you’ll hear, Eddie is not only a really down to earth guy but also a really smart and inspiring businessman. And I really enjoyed my conversation with Eddie as I learnt a ton of really cool shit about music business monetisation methods and strategies. So a lot of really cool music biz education take-away’s in this episode people!

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Rod Yates is the editor of Rolling Stone Magazine Australia. In this special edition of Rod Yates will disclose strategies on how to get your music featured in major music media outlets.

G’day ladies and gentlemen, Rodney Holder here and welcome to the Music Business Facts podcast the show where I do the best I can to bring you the truths about trying to monetise your passion for the music biz.

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Ok a few months back I ran an online summit where some of my music industry expert mates came on and gave some lectures. And today I’m replaying one such lecture with my good buddy Rod Yates who is the editor of Rolling Stone Magazine Australia.


Rod and I go back many years, we’re both from good old Canberra, and Rod and I played shows when my band Alchemist played gigs with his band who were called Henry’s Anger, and they were a great band- go and google em.

Anyhow Rod has now become a gate keeper if you like for one of the world’s most prestigious music print media brands. He’s the editor of Rolling Stone Magazine Australia, and even during this hectic period of digital disruption, Rolling Stone seems to be holding it’s own.

So I suppose this talk is a bit of an interrogation. I branded it as How To Get Your Music Featured In Major Music Outlets. And I think Rod gives a pretty good insight into how to go about trying to do that so I hope you enjoy the replay.

And without further delay- here’s my presentation with Rod Yates from Rolling Stone Magazine Australia.

Well there you have it ladies and gents. I hope you agree that there’s some pretty good take away’s from that discussion.

As always I’d love to know your thoughts and you can hit me up at

And if you’d like some highlights of the shownotes head over to music and type in rod yates into the search bar.

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Ok until next time people thanks so much for listening, I really appreciate your time and again, I hope you got some value from the presentation.

Until the next episode here’s today’s quote.

Without vision, even the most focused passion is a battery without a device.

Ken Auletta


This is Rodney Holder for

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Tommy Darker is a Greek and London-based musician and entrepreneur. A "Musicpreneur"- A term Tommy is often credited for making popular. Tommy is also a music business lecturer. Tommy lectures in music business studies at The University Of Westminster in the UK and he obviously knows his stuff.

Hello and Welcome to The Music Business Facts Podcast.

I’m Rodney Holder and it’s my mission to, as best as possible, try and discover the intricacies and realities of how to monetize your passion for the music business.

So whether you’re a songwriter, a performer, a manager or an agent, a promoter or a publisher, you run a label or any other entrepreneurial venture trying to commercially succeed in and around the music industry, or perhaps you’re a student of the music business, then this podcast is absolutely for you. I have made this show for you so welcome,

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I’ve taken up the offer myself because I generally hate the radio and love listening to audio books when I’m driving in the car. It’s my continuous self-development ritual. And right now I’m listening to a really inspiring book Titled “Deep Work” by Cal Newport, and I’m really digging it and would totally recommend it. So yes- check out the offer at and get your free audio book today.

Ok today’s guest and Music Business Expert is Tommy Darker.

Tommy Darker is a Greek and London-based musician and entrepreneur. A Musicpreneur- A term Tommy is often credited for making popular. And like me Tommy is also a music business lecturer. Tommy lectures in music business studies at The University Of Westminster in the UK and he obviously knows his stuff.

And Tommy’s also got some really cool free resources over at his website at Marketing Plans, and business model case studies, and a variety of great stuff so I do encourage you to check it all out out over at so go and grab some quality freebies there.

Anyhow in this episode I had a great chat with Tommy where we discuss a number of interesting things and takeaways for you guys including music business models, marketing strategies, goal setting, music education, and a whole lot more good stuff.

So I really hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I enjoyed conducting it.

So without further ado, here’s my chat with Tommy Darker. Please enjoy.


So there you go guys I hope you learnt something from my talk with Tommy.

And again, if you are interested in hearing Tommy present his “How To Make A Profit Performing Live In 100 Days”, he’ll be hosting that presentation with Gabi Huckins who is a licensing expert who looks after the catalogues of artists like The Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath. So that’s going to be very cool and very high level information.

So if that’s something that you’re interested in attending then head over to and enter the code MFB20 to receive $20 off the admission price.

And don’t forget that it’s not just going to be a great Masterclass, it’s also going to be a 100-day challenge, where you join, you’ll be forced to have identified revenue streams for your live performances, drafted a mini-tour plan, and prepared a strategy to make a profit by performing. And it’ll all be backed up with feedback from the instructor and you’ll also receive an accountability partner. And I’m going to be one of those partners so I think it’s a really interesting idea that will really educate and motivate you to getting you closer to undertaking a profitable live performance or tour within 100 days.

And yes it is a paid course, the package starts at $97, but as Tommy and I discussed in this podcast, music education is expensive, at least here in Australia, and if you do want to learn from industry experts, and you would like some professional accountability to hold you towards implementing your goals, then it is such a minimal investment and if you’re serious about your career you should be prepared to back yourself and invest in your own education.

So once again, with a checkout code of mbf20 to receive $20 off the price.

As always all of this information is available in the show notes over at music business, and you can always get in touch with me at

And I love hearing from people who listen to the show so pop over and say g’day.

This podcast as always is always free and if you’d like to support me in any way shape or form you can show your appreciation over at

And people if you’re undertaking any venture where you are trying to provide value to people’s lives then I encourage you to setup a free account that enables your super fans to help you out financially if they desire.

As Amanda Palmer discussed in her awesome Ted Talk – Don’t ask people to pay, give people ways to pay if they have received enough value that they want to.

And thanks to everyone who has contributed to the show.

Ok it’s great to back and I look forward to talking to you all again soon on the next episode of Music Business Facts.


Rodney Holder \m/

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Ladies and gentlemen, I feel very privileged to have been able to speak with Mr. Jaddan Comerford who is the founder and CEO of Unified- a music company that provides a range of services including management, label, publishing, touring, festivals and merchandise to a diverse roster of internationally recognised and awarded artists.

I really do hold Jaddan in high regard. As I mention in the interview I get to meet so many aspiring music business wanna-be’s, particularly in the Australian heavy music scene, and very few are able to go on with a career, let alone start up an enormously successful company that services most facets of the music business.

As always I love hearing from you people so if you’d like to ever reach out you can email me at or or you get in contact via social media:



If you’ve ever listen to any of my podcast or webinars and learnt something or enjoyed the information and your feeling tipsy, then you can always send me a gift at

Thanks to those of you who do donate to the show it’s always appreciated.


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Today the wonderful person that I’ve connected with is Music Publicist and PR Strategist Angela Mastrogiacomo from Muddy Paw PR- Check her services out at

Now Angela is an absolutely wonderful person and I really enjoyed speaking with her. And we had a really awesome chat about the incredibly important topic of music publicity (surprise surprise). And as I often do- I threw in a few tricky and personal questions, and in this interview Angela gave me some awesome and really honest answers. She also provides a fantastic look into the world of what it’s like to be a music publicist, and gives some great advice for any of you people when it comes to using a publicist’s services.




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Today I have a great treat for you. My guest today is Chris Gero. Not only is Chris a great and very humble bloke, but he’s also the Vice President of Yamaha Corporation USA. So I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to speak with this guy and be able to share that conversation with you.

Among other things Chris is also the Yamaha Artist Relations Executive and the founder of the Yamaha Entertainment Group. He is a Record Label Executive, Concert Producer, Film Director and Record Producer.

He's a really smart guy, and as I mentioned- very humble! During this interview, Chris gives me some really great insights and tips on how to approach potential sponsors- what to do and more importantly what not to do. We speak about a lot of other really cool stuff too but I really think that the gold in this conversation is Chris’ advice and take-aways about how to play it when you’re looking to get a sponsorship or endorsement.






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Stephen Green is managing director of the SGC Media Group which umbrellas music marketing companies SGC, Title Track, Music Send and Collision Course (Episode 67 with Tim Price). SGC Media Group brings radio, TV, print, online and socials together to offer forward-thinking strategy and execution for labels and artists. Stephen also sits on the board of QMusic and ICIP, is a Music Australia councilor and is a previous BIGSOUND programmer. 

If you’re listening to this and you’ve got the thought that you might like to become a publicist- there’s a ton of great information. In fact just the other day I was speaking with one of my music business diploma students who was considering publicity as a career after study, and after I played him this exact interview his mind was made up!

I'd love to hear what you though of the episode, you can contact me at




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Chuck Billy is the lead vocalist for the American pioneering thrash metal band Testament. Although Testament's line up has changed over the years, Chuck has remained one of the constant members of the band that formed way back in 1986. That’s 30 years in the music business people- A very impressive feat to still be going and to still remain relevant in the often superficial world that is the music industry.

As you’ll hear in my interview, one of the super important reasons that Chuck, along with his long standing band mate Eric Peterson have been able to continue with Testament, and continue making money, is because they learned about the music business.


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